Sunday, 20 February 2011

My LiFe

Every meeting is unique and cannot be repeated. It is only up to us whether we recognize in these meetings the possibilities being there only for us and how much we can utilize them. The chance is given for everybody, but only those will find the one for whom or for what they are looking for who are searching honestly and with clean intentions and heart. We consider it important to mention that we believe in God and finding the right one has been built on this faith and this faith penetrates our connection from the very beginning. Our meeting has only been one out of the many, but still different. We do not believe in accident and we are sure we had to meet. Since borders divided us, we managed to take first steps towards each other by face to face among the few possibilities being at our disposal. In life of both of us a long waiting and a long searching have preceded that moment when we experienced each other's existence.Everyone is looking for happiness on this Earth. We know our desires after happiness will not be fulfilled completely, but we know we can still be happy. This has its price which is not little many times. If we cannot take sacrifices for this purpose, we will be judged to be unhappy throughout a life. We have to take great care of this happiness and guard it if we once got it, otherwise it may end in one moment. If we love someone, even our steps cannot be the same today as they were yesterday.